The Day I Become a Nihilist

The Privy Pen

You don’t know what a nihilist really is. You haven’t read Nietzsche or anything, but you know that when the world ends you are a nihilist. You try to understand what you’re saying before you say it, but it doesn’t make any sense anymore to put all that effort. So, here it is: you’re a nihilist. Maybe you’re tired of making sense now. Everything that makes sense to you does not make sense to the world. You try to make sense of things that make sense to them, but maybe you’re just tired now of just understanding. You’re tired of being misunderstood. You’re tired of explaining. There wasn’t a day when you don’t have to explain what you really feel. And at this very moment, people are judging you–you are defensive–you protect yourself too much. But simply put, they’re trying to put you in a cage that they only understand…

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