The Forest

The Privy Pen

It will swallow you.

The dark forest has stood on this earth for as long as time has lasted. During the day, its fibrous black fur reflects the mighty radiance of the sun, blinding all those who try to escape above its tempting delectable scent, fuming out from its coarse brown skin. But at night, the starlight lucency of the skies cannot pierce the ignominious shade of the forest. The pitch-black darkness has engulfed all living souls within this dungeon. There is no escape. It is everywhere. And its eyes stare at you. It glares at your innocence and curiosity. It is restless and hungry, hungry for the fresh blood that will give birth to its children.

It will swallow you.

One day, a man decided to unravel the forest. He got his homely rucksack, full of sweet delicacies from his town. With his shabby shoes, he made his first…

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